After my husband ejaculation contained by me it burns and runs out what could it be?

You may be allergic to one of the proteins in your husband's semen. This is characterized by vaginal burning and strain 5-30 minutes after contact with the semen.

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Please be aware that if this burning is indeed a semen allergy spontaneous effect, if you continue to be exposed to the semen you may suddenly and short warning experience a more severe type of allergic hypersensitivity called anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis may include swelling of your breathing passage, which can be fatal.

You may will to discuss this with your physician.
be bullish that it runs out?
Well has it other been approaching this? Some women experience that..I know I have several times...I really dont chew over its much to worry roughly speaking...maybe you freshly got sensitive down within from ruff attention to when you perceive it burning...if its after rough sex or certain for the running I reflect on nearly every women experiences that..thats gravity for you.
Maybe he is a superhero...ACID MAN! and he ejaculates sour to burn people.Ask him.Or possibly he has be playing away and caught something
Burning sensation from ejaculate was a big complaint from abundant women whose husbands, bf, lovers etc. had be in the Gulf War. Was your husband ever surrounded by the service in Kuwait or Iraq? Maybe he should see a doctor.
He could also own a high uric sharp rate or PH and that could cause some discomfort
After a man elaculates the sperm and semen liquify and will customarily drip out of the vagina.
The burning could be due to irritation probably from lack of lubrication (some vaginal lubricant products for sex hustle and bustle can help next to that problem); BUT you must be alert it could also be signs of a vaginal infection or STD.

As for the "run outs", well that's fairly normal.

You both could try condoms for a while, that will solve both situations until you stop sensation the burnig sensation.
maybe you are allergic to his semen. try to achieve him to wear a condom. Go to your doctor and ask why this happens.
mmm Talk to your Doctor
That isn't appropriate that it burns when it is in you. You might want to mention this subsequent time you go to see your doctor. It could be due to an abrasion, sensitivity, or hypersensitivity in your vaginal nouns. Or it could be due to something your husband ingests and it is in his sperm.
it sounds approaching gonherria congrats you have the clap for have unprotected sex go acquire tested
ew, that kinda gross

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