What's wrong next to peeing within the bathroom sink?

It's not likely you will miss and pee adjectives over the floor, especially if you are a tall being

because civilized intelligent people
who enjoy grown up in the world and hold toilets that's why
even uneducated relatives know that
that is unless you be raised by a pack of animals or a place where on earth there is no plumbing
if i know you i would never have you within my home or go to yours
or for that concern anywhere in a group get-together where you be present
try using your kitchen sink
you can pee and prep food together
or use the sink in the bathroom to shave and brush your teeth at like peas in a pod time and conserve water
You are a disguisting troll. I hope someone pees within your sink, in front of your house and within your bed. I bet there will be something wrong beside it then.
What if the subsequent person drops their toothbrush within there?
Nothing relay. Right up within with peeing surrounded by the shower. Just rinse the sink well and don't report people.
I contemplate that as long as it is your bathroom sink and that you are the only one using it and cleaning it, why not?.

You do know, logically, that you should not do this at other people's homes.
Try this analogy.

Confucius says " Lady who cooks carrot and peas (pees) in duplicate pot - very unsanitary." Think of that surrounded by reference to the sink.

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