Why does my poo hold slime on it?

i feel bloated and for a while constipated
There's two reasons. One is the mucus from your rectum. Mucus is contained by the area to facilitate the poop going away your butt so it doesn't hurt so bad. Depending on what you ate, your poop may also be slimy because of have a high tubby content. You certainly do not want to see a doctor based on those symptoms; whoever recommended to be precise an idiot. If you're constipated, just steal a little OTC stool softener or laxative and you'll own relief contained by 12 - 72 hours, depending on the product. Dulcolax (or Colace) is what we typically used in the Army, but you enjoy lots of choices. Good luck.
sound similar to you have diarreah ...
Did you Clean yourself
You hold probably an "irritated colon". Have you been on any prescription drugs? If so, that could be it. If not, you should collect a taste of your "stool", and have it analyzed. Your domestic physician can arrange that. Feeling "bloated", is usually caused by "not" relieving your "bowels" when the fear hits you. A common problem, especially within men. You will need to "regulate" your bowel movements. Remember, and lot of associates don't know this, remember, that for every meal you munch through, you should have a bowel movement withing 4-6hours. So you guzzle breakfast, by lunch, you should have a movement, etc,etc. If you are Not have a bowel movement daily, you should see your doctor. Many things can be up, and this forum is NO place to receive Medical Advise. When it comes to the bowels, and you have over 40 foot of it!! you can have anything from chronic constipation to Cancer! - Go win checked out! Good Luck, and a very Merry Christmas to you.

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