Whats the quickest agency to grasp rid of a hickie?

yeahh ive heard of a few ways and i kno some society say its only just like a bruise and it'll restore to health on its own...im sure there must be a expeditious way to obtain rid of it...right?

a hickie is a small hematoma caused by lay waste to to the cutaneous blood vessels from the sucking commotion of kissing.

as with any hematoma, an initial rime compress would help stop the bleeding process next an alternating warm and cold compress would aid heal it.

but if you're really within a hurry, a good concealer is the best
fashion up can hide one
quickest track to get rid of one is not to capture one!!!! a hickie is broken capalaries under your skin and, yes, it is a bruise.
Get rid of the boyfriend..no use rather make-up it will construct it less noticable
a short time ago cover with a group aid
Yes....have a friend flick it near their finger.lol
a "hickie" is a busted blood vessle under the skin, in the order of the only entry you are going to be able to do is conceal it.makeup.or a illustrious neck shirt.and some bandaids are the color or your skin you could merely use the sticky part of it to screen it.unless it is a big one..
**** (hemorrhoid) cream is the best stuff.

But once you grow up a bit, you wont need to verbs. Hickeys aren't really that 'cool' you know.

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