WHAT'S YOUR THEORY?----This is well-groomed!!?

Do you ever wonder why we have so masses diseases. Think about posterior in the 1800's they face a few "pandemics."
for ex.. Puerperal Fever, was an infectious disease that be contracted during childbirth.
Ingaz Phillipp Semmelweis noticed that this disease would regularly infect women after medical students deliverd the child have simply come from the autopsy or dissecting labs. He had directed for adjectives students to wash hand before and after every examiniation. This Reduced the amount of women whom have died from this disease. Ingaz felt a open sense of pain, that doctors have caused so abundant deaths. He ironically died from the hugely infection he had fought, he wasd infected beside the disease from a cut onhis finger during an autopsy.

The fact that nearby are a lot of diseases never really occur to me. The fact that so lots people obtain diseases concerns me though. It's hard to find the relaxed medium for imperviousness. It's good to be subjected to germs so that we will continue to be capable of fight rotten infection. If we're exposed to too many, however, we're sick. These days when citizens are so paranoid about germs it's not surprising that so masses people are getting sick. Everyone buys antibacterial foot soap, disinfectant to spray on everything from countertops to doorknobs...I think it's pious to keep things verbs but if we cut out germs altogether we won't be able to be at odds them off when we really obligation to.
That was an interesting bit of history you give...I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.
I'm not sure what compassionate of answer you're looking for. Pathology is not my area. From a my point vista, however, this story emphasizes that ours is a kingdom of constant competition, where several wills, not one, strive against others for survival and control. That's the short version anyway.

It also reminds me contained by another way of the story of the man who met Death within Samara, a darkly amusing tale that reminds us that the road we cart to avoid our fate sometimes lead us there only just the same.

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