When I stir into an extreme reaction my chest and nouns get hold of splotchy and red. Its extremely embarassing. minister to?

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As soon as your brain senses a stressful situation, the body's "be at odds or flight" instincts automatically trigger the blushing response, making it impossible to voluntarily control and always unpredictable. Physiologically, blushing of the obverse or flushing of the neck, chest and shoulders is a safe reaction cause by over activity of the sympathetic uptight system, which helps regulate glands and organs lacking our conscious effort and controls the diameter of blood vessel. In some people, these nerves are unusually sensitive to violent stress.

This site claims to have a medication to alleviate the problem: http://www.eredicane.com/blushing.html...

However, you should probably realize that most populace blush or get flushed from time to time. It is a human impulse.
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