When you get hold of a microbes infection do you grasp it from sex?


Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are caused by have sex with someone who have it.

But, some infections like BV (bacterial vaginosis), UTIs (urinary tract infection), or bladder infections aren't other caused by sex.

BV is an inequity of "good" bacteria and "bad" microbes in the vagina.

UTIs and bladder infections are cause by bacteria getting inside the urinary tract or urethra, and the bladder.
if your partner doesnt mop up well ul return with bacteria for sure
Not necessarily. You may find a bacterial infection, like yeast if you douche. This change the normal sour pH balance within the vagina that naturally protects the nouns from being overwhelmed by microbes. You can also get a bacterial infection via sex, logically. If you have a latex allergy, you may capture inflammation in the nouns that causes skin breakdown thus making the nouns more susceptible to infection. Proper hygiene, good appendage washing and locked sex is key to keeping a verbs hoo-hah!
What kind of germs infection ?
Major genital bacteria infection spread through sex. But except bacterial std, there's a lot route. You must more specific.
yes it is a . std. and sex is how you draw from it. my opion?

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