What's up next to me?

i'm always so cold, even if it's ninety degree outside, i'll have goosebumps if im within jeans and a sweater. My hands and foot are always cold, even if i be aware of a bit more comfortable. I also bruise very eaisly, and i can`t stand it. i'm 5'7.5'', 120-115 pounds, and i eat, so its not that i dearth body mass.
what could be wrong?
please help! im really worried. I dont want to see a doc! i revulsion needles.

Bad circulation stems from being constipated ~ try accumulation more fresh green leafy vegies to your diet as these will encourage the production of hydrochloric sharp in your stomach and thus aide digestion. Also needed for the production of hydrochloric sour are vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and 6!! Increase your intake of organ meats - liver, kidneys etc. best bets are to progress buy some lambs fry (quite mild and palatable) which are literally stuffed full of the B vitamins.

Go get yourself some multi B vitamins - tablets containing adjectives the B vitamins - B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. This should help.

Also get through more vitamin C rich foods - easy bruising is a lesser amount sign as are nosebleeds.


well it purely might be you...
You should see a doctor even if you hate to - tolerate your doctor know about your concerns. If they do not give a hand you through it, go to another doctor. Perhaps you could try hypno-therapy to lend a hand overcome the nervousness of going to see your doctor. Also, swot up some relaxation techniques and put them into practice before/during/after doctor's appointments, it will receive the whole entry easier on you.

You are not the only one who is afraid of doctors and needles, etc., but in that may be something seriously wrong and you should get it checked out!

I hope you find out what is wrong and that it is an comfortable fix!
Maybe you're anemic. You do need to see a doctor to find out for sure though.
my moms approaching that its just how she be born that way relax its ok nothins wrong w/u its typical for some people
Just 'cause you put away doesn't mean that immensity is not a problem. Have you calculated your BMI? You are medically underweight, albeit a Good underweight, you are still underweight. You don't have an ounce of curvy on you, and you can probably eat 30 Big Macs and not enjoy any weight effects surrounded by the very most minuscule. Congrats, you have a accurate metabolism.

Your heart probably beats a touch faster than it should, you may get tired faster than others due to that alone. Not simply do you get goosebumps, but I would be ready to bet that you also have enormously (VERY) tiny hairs that grow (almost) adjectives over your body. Not actual "Hair," just tiny little hair.

Don't be worried. I had indistinguishable thing, it's call being underweight. Don't turn and try to get rotund, it won't help. No "diet" help me. Just do some more excercise to gain muscle. It took me a while to figure that one out - tone is what you inevitability. As it is, you are a twig and you probably have particularly little muscle. Start doing pushups, and situps before bed. It would be apt to work your upper body for tone. Start running a little bit, but not to "tone" up, because it'll kind you lose weight, lately run to get your heart used to the bright body you're making for yourself - pace yourself. When you work out though, be for damned sure to drink accordingly to replace the calories you burned bad. You don't want to lose weight from working out, you want to gain it.

Go to GNC to capture some of those protein shakes, drink one after working out, itll help you build muscle.

Im not discussion about getting buff (no way), merely tone. Tone is good because you stay equal skinny, you're just stronger, it looks better, you still look alike, but you feel improved.
You are underweight as said above and because of this you have no butter to insulate your body from cold, like seal humans also use body fat to save them warm contained by cold conditions, the heat problem will be solved A if you gain for a while more weight or B merely dress warmly, I own the same condition, it wont really wound you in the long run, and your probably close to most skinny people, don't gain an ounce of consignment unless you lock your self in a room and munch through the whole week through so dont verbs, in feminine terms we name you lucky.
eat a steak, a small piece cooked surrounding substance.. with some green vegetables, broccoli, or asparagus, even fresh red spinach. water to drink and dawdle... you could be low in iron, or anemic.. this other helps me when i obtain cold and shaky, even when its 80 degrees outside...

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