When taking antibiotics how do you avoid yeast infection?

Eats lots of yogurt and take Acidophillus pills
Eat loads and loads of Yogurt.
Before you in reality start taking your antibiotics or if its the first day, guzzle yogurt. I usually eat 1-2 portions each day of yogurt when I take my antibiotics.The live microbes in yogurt is a perfect preventative for a yeast infection during the time that you are on your antibiotic. You can also take some lactobicillus its an over the counter product within the vitamin section of your pharmacy is used to replace the well brought-up bacteria contained by your stomach while on antibiotics. It is also used for the same entity if you can't eat yogurt. I work surrounded by a pharmacy that's usually what I recommend. Good Luck
Eat yogurt or take probiotics .
Drink buttermilk or devour yogurt with live microbes (acidophiles).
Eat a lot of yogurt and ask your physician to perchance give you something close to "Diflucan' in overnight case of a yeast infection.
yogurt or Acidophillus pills.
go to the drug counter and ask for probiotics because antibiotics take out the good and discouraging bactiera in your body and the probiotics replace the suitable bactiera but in most places you havta ask the phmasist because i believe they are kept within the fridge but they work wonders and they alot help your digestive system

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