What's the percentage of populace that pace cancer?

What is the precentage of people that flog cancer durring chemo?

Cancer is an umbrella term for over 200 different types of disease. Since cancer is a progressive disease it is described and treated by Stage. There are four different stages . . adjectives have different types of treatment. There is no cure for cancer, but nearby is treatment that can lead to cure or long occupancy remission.

There are three modalities used in treating cancer . . and treatment modality depends on type and stage of disease. Chemotherapy is merely one type of treatment, it is rarely used alone but surrounded by conjunction with the other treatment protocols which may include radiation and/or surgery. Chemotherapy's purpose is to shrink hastily growing tumors and to follow the same road that microscopic cancer cells follow within the blood stream and lymphatic system. Chemo is targeted to kill microscopic cancer cell that have 'metastasized' elsewhere contained by the body.

Chemo also makes surgery smaller number dangerous as it shrinks the tumors adequate to make resection possible. Chemotherapy can also be used to 'perfuse' an nouns during surgery . . in command to eliminate microscopic or small cancer cell during the surgical process. Chemotherapy is an effective, capably documented tool. You can check at the National Library of Medicine for any type of chemo protocol as they keep documented library for failure and nouns.


So the prognosis for cancer will depend on the type of cancer, stage of disease, patients age, overall health, and response to treatment. Your give somebody the third degree is to vague to answer since in attendance are over 200 different types of cancer. You can check the National Cancer Institute for information about treatment for the different kind of cancer:

National Cancer Institute
cancer.gov/" title="http://www.cancer.gov/">http://www.cancer.gov/

You can check statistics for the various cancer;
cancer.org/docroot/stt/stt_0.asp" title="http://www.cancer.org/docroot/stt/stt_0.asp">http://www.cancer.org/docroot/stt/stt_0.
Im not sure but more and more people are surviving cancer immediately and days thanks to adjectives the incredible technology these days.
i guess i read 30% that is not dignified but it is something
eewww, its about 2% sorry in the order of that.
Sorry, but your question is method too vague for a valid answer! What type of Cancer? How long have it been near? Where is it? What is the patients age/gender? What is the patients habits/vices? Has it spread? You really need to consult to the Dr for a valid answer, sorry, but I can't help beside this one! The Dr may ask you some of the questions I brought up though. It you are the one next to the Cancer, provide the truth...same goes if it is a loved one!!
The push button to your question is "during chemo." The undesirable fact is that lone about 2% of those near solid tumors get cured using chemo. (Those folks be probably bombarding themselves with Vitamin C or some other immune booster during the chemo.)

That is a exciting statistic.

In most cases chemo hastens the patient's annihilation for a very simple point. You wouldn't give poison to a decent person, so what would inspire someone to tender it to a patient who have a serious disease?

I cured myself of Stage 4 cancer in two weeks. You can bet I didn't subject myself to chemo...I would enjoy been inert 9 years ago, if I'd done that.

I used freshly grated habeneros peppers and freshly grated garlic on bread covered beside butter. I also took emulsified cod liver oil.

Researchers at UCLA found out that pepper by themselves can shrink tumors 80%...that's without the powerful effects of the garlic.

Cancer is a lacklustre cell. Chemo is unnecessary and unproductive.

Good luck to you and be well.

I agree near Kelley E's answer. Chemo is so toxic that it seems to effect more distruction of the natural immuno be a foil for and the body as a whole to some extent than provide any positive effects. (In most cases)

I have be posting answers for a while now contained by response to my own research into natural alternatives to chemo. There is an interesting website that suggests that the inborn product offered may be "natures chemo?" and after conversation with the ethnic group who run the site I am becoming more convinced. Apparently many race have whitewashed cancer by using this.
I don't know the statistics.
I just know that I'm one of them!
Best wishes
It depends when it be discovered, what type it is , how old and fighting fit was the human being before the diagnosis, part of the care, attitude of the character and other factors. The percentage of success swing tremendously.

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