Whats the risk of geting an HIV from a plunger?

Does it infect you for a long time or only a few minutes? If the fluid dries out after you cant get infected. HIV doesnt closing long without the body, so how long does it ending in a hypodermic? How long can it last in need the body?

The tip of a needle is lean, so the fluids inside do not dry out very briskly. It will stay infectious for a longer time, but yes, eventually, it will dry out and the virus will dry. How long that will take depends on like mad of factors, approaching how much blood is in the plunger, how warm and humid it is, and how much nouns is in the syringe.

There is a difference between a hypodermic stick and IV drug use. A needle stick usually does not result surrounded by the plunger being pushed, so the fluid is not expelled. IV drug users not simply dispense the contents of the syringe, but often "backwash" into the plunger before they get going to ensure they have a artery. As you can imagine, this greatly change the dangers.

And the big point to consider here is Hep C. It can live in dried blood for weeks, and can be life-threatening.
if you are talking roughly speaking sharing needles then the risk is extremely large. If you are actually going to share a hypodermic then you are STUPID as hell. Does it infect you for a few minutes? OMG! once you are infected next to HIV baby its yours forever or until you die.
OH DEAR. If you judge you've come in physical contact next to an HIV contaminated needle you entail to get checked out now. HIV is commonly contracted from sharing dirty needles! HIV is also permanent, at hand is no cure currently.
The CDC estimates that HIV transmission occur in in the region of 1 in 100 nozzle sticks, based on evidence from hospitals.

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