What are strong antibiotics for upper respiratory infection?

i don't want to overuse meds but in days gone by they have to hold on to changing my antibiotics to stronger ones. I contemplate that is even worse. I want the doctor to put me on one strong course and afterwards hopefully it will be over

Answer:    Actually a pharmacist is the one trained in medication. Doctors are trained to diagnosis.

That said, the doctor is knowledgeable satisfactory to answer the question.

I to enjoy some knowledge surrounded by that area, some popular antibiotics are levaquin, Zithromax, amoxicillin, and Telithromycin
You should articulate to your doctor about what benevolent of antibiotics. Their the ones who 'should' know what to prescribe you to.
It really depends on your symptoms. Strong antibiotics for URIs are fluoroquinolones, such as levofloxacin or moxifloxacin. They should be held in reserve surrounded by case first chain agents don't work. The first line agents that should be used surrounded by suspected upper respiratory infections of bacterial origin should be macrolides (i.e. azithromycin "Z-pak" etc.)

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