How are Viruses Transmitted?

Viruses can be transmitted person to individual by bodily fluids like HIV. Viruses approaching the common cold can be transported through the upper air we breathe. Viruses can also be transferred from your pets to you. Fortunately our body has an immunodefense workings that is intricately designed to row these pathogens.
they are transmitted threw body fluids.
Viruses can be spread through body fluids, i.e. HIV, or by skin to skin contact, i.e. the common cold. The virus enter our body and takes over the cell in a specific region of the body. I hope this help.
It depends on the virus. Some viruses can survive for a long time outside the body, resembling hepatitis C, and some require direct transmission, close to HIV. Some are airborne, like the flu.

It also depends on what type of cell the virus can infect. Since the flu grows in respiratory cell, it needs to carry into your lungs. Some can get into blood cell, so they have to enter your blood stream. The roll goes on, beside some specific to skin cells, some close to rabies even needed brain tissue.

Each type of virus is transmitted differently, and when a new disease is discovered, resembling SARS, methods of transmission are one of the most major things to discover.

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