Can lymphoma be detectected through a blood examination and chest x-ray?

Depends on where the lymphoma is. Lymphoma can come to pass anywhere in the body (although frequently around areas of concentrated lymph glands approaching neck, armpits, groin, chest, inside the abdomen) so yes if near is lymphoma in the chest than the xray can pick it up.
Blood trial on its own cannot detect lymphomas.
Blood tests can detect a Lymphoma. It is in fact the only road to differentiat between the different types of lymphomas. A test call a flow cell phenotyping is needed.
The lymphoma can be visualized through an x-ray. My daughter have a persistant cough. They did a chest x-ray and could see the tumor in her chest. The symtoms can be abnormal though. Sometimes it's difficult to get the MD to do the x-ray. Be a suitable advocate for yourself!
When you hold lymphoma you need a great deal of blood test ,Cat scan ,pet scan ,a biophy from prearranged site and a bone marrow biophy to determine the how far it has spread and to order it. A chest xray is usually taken if it is in lymph nod of the lung. After these test the doctor can determine your treatment.
In some cases. But beside me, those things did nothing. Until I have a fine needle aspiration [biopsy] of the swollen lymph node at the foundation of my neck, not a soul know it was Lymphoma.
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