What is the difference between and ECHO and and EKG?

An EKG is an electrocardiogram. Wires are connected to you skin to measure the electrical hobby of you heart. It is relatively easy to do next to minimal training.

An echo cardiogram uses an ultrasound electrical device to bounce sound top off you heart to create an model or picture of your heart. I show the mechanical function of your heart. It take very expensive equipment and a qualified technician to preform it.
An echocardiogram is essentially an ultrasound of the heart. An EKG measures the electrical signals that control the rhythm of the heartbeat.
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And ECHO, is a proceedure reading that uses ultrasonography to provide a picture of an organ (like the heart) in material time. An EKG is a proceedure that gives a reading of the electrical hustle and bustle of the heart. With an echogram, you get some cold jelly put on your skin (chest nouns for heart) and a sensor placed over the heart area for a steal a look inside. With an EKG, you get adjectives wired up and an graph reading of the electrical activity going on as your heart beat.

Both proceedures are painless.

An Echo measures heart function using sound-waves.

An EKG measure the electrical diversion of the heat.

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