My HDL cholesterol is 62, LDL 163, triglyceride 88 and total cholesterol 263. Do I obligation a medication ?

I am 49 years old, mannish, no diabetes, systolic blood pressure 120.
Your HDL and triglyceride numbers are very desireable. It is recommended that your HDL, which is your worthy cholesterol, be more than 40, with commonplace ranges being between 40 and 60. I would not be concerned beside the HDL being over 60, since this is the well-mannered cholesterol which plays a vital role surrounded by keeping your LDL bad cholesterol within check. It is recommended that tryglycerides be under 150, so this number is also immensely good. However, your LDL bleak cholesterol is pretty high. It is recommended that this number be underneath 100 to be in a stout range. I would try diet to moderate it before I get on any medications. There are those that will notify you that diet has little affect on cholesterol and that your numbers are what they are because of your genetic build up. Although heredity does play a role, a vigorous diet is equally significant and can usually keep cholesterol numbers inside disired ranges if you are diligent regarding your dietary intake. Lots of fruits and vegeatables, lean protien, a moderate amount of fish and nuts to provide omega 3 nutrients which enjoy been shown to abet with cholesterol numbers. If after give or take a few 120 days of altering your diet I would consider taking a statin medication if your cholesterol numbers do not show significant improvement.. However, I outstandingly recommend you try altering your diet first, as many statin medication have undesireable side effects.

I infer the reason so lots of us take statins is that folks do not have the will power and dicipline to chomp through right. Simple life style change can put the stop to most diseases, but most people simply don't hold the ability to engender them and rely on our pharmaceutical industry to provide a pill for what ever ales them, when in reality they are empowered to treat themselves with existence style changes if they simply have the dicipline to make them.
try to correction your diet first...medication can cause other problems
yes you do. Good Luck.
I hold bad cholesterol and vytorin keep it in check.
it wouldn't hurt to bring back your LDL and total cholesterol down. You could also try diet change first.
Assuming that you do not enjoy a family history of premature cardiovascular disease contained by father mother sister or brother most likely no you do not call for a medication. Present goals are complex and normally yield inconsistent values: triglycerides < 150 - total chol < 200 - HDL > 45 - LDL < 160 - chol/HDL ratio < 4.5 - LDL/HDL ratio < 3.5. When within doubt however there is a better approach and explicitly to measure LDL directly, to index triglyceride, LDL, and HDL sub particles - this carrying out tests is widely available and inexpensive - about $50 cost to the physician.

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