Are in attendance better medical cures for Hepatitis C than Ribavarin/Pegintron or analogues from other manufacturer?

I have the treatment for 12 months that did not work.
Unfortunately Ribavarin/pegintron is the best FDA approved collectively available treatment. There are new treatments currently within research that are likely to be improvements over Ribavarin/Pegintron. These may be available to you as module of a research trial. The website "the body" has a great Q&A website nearly Hepatitis infection. The website is mostly about HIV and HIV/Hep C coinfection. I still suggest that you will find alot of useful information surrounded by their Hep C sections. Good luck, hope that this be helpful.
There is no cure for Hep C. There are treatments to contract with the symptons and prolong talent of life for those infected beside it BUT there is NO cure. There is also no vaccine though in attendance is for Hep A and Hep B.
Look into a Japanese tea- SST, or silymarin- usually in milk thistle, or Arbidol- a Russian herbal compound
That currently is the gold ingots standard for treatment, but other treatments are on FDA fast track for approval. Vertex, Schering-Plough and other companies may own a new combo treatment using protease inhibitors along near lower doses of interferon on the market within 2007 or 2008. Here is a link to an article from BusinessWeek a couple of months ago nearly the Vertex drug:

Research so far shows that this experiemental treatment has better results, a reduced amount of side effects, and shorter treatment times than today's interferon combo with which you be treated.
I found some good info here.

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