Blood clot on my big toe?

I haven't done anything different the last few weeks, deeply when I noticed dry blood on the vanished part of my big toe(right foot). I can see a bit bulge in the skin and pus come out recently. Well today I looked at it more closely by pulling down the skin rather bit(where it meets the side of the toe nail) and nearby was this solid blood clot. It be wet, not dry, but I tried pulling it out beside some tweezers and it just bled more. It doesn't hurt, but I only want to make sure there's zilch actually inside my toe lol.

Just an ingrown toe staple maybe?

Answer:    yeah see a doctor... my mum broke her toe later year and they put a cast up to her knees so it was adjectives immobile. Within a week she had 4 clots surrounded by the veins surrounded by her leg and it led to a blood clot on her lung (lung embolism) and lucky she be in hospital or it may not hold been diagnosed and can front to death.
RICE Rest Ice Compress and Elevate if problems worsen please see your Doctor side effects are usually mild contact your doctor today
ummm i hold had ingrown toenails impossible before and they never really bleed. they did own a little puss but notthey deffinatlly hurt. so i would consider going to a doctor You probably want to see a doctor. Even if it is an ingrown toenail which is most likely, you might stipulation a foot doctor to cut some of the nail stale (I had it done years ago).
You should own it looked at. Sounds like it is a boil within a way. You could hold a blood blister, but let character take support of it. sounds like contained by ingrown nail. its happen to me many times but ive never see blood before. conceivably you were in recent times digging around it too much and made it bleed. if it becomes excruciating better be safe and see a doctor.

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