Swelling and unlit purple bruise after giving blood?

I had to shift to give blood (a) the hospital so my gastroenterologist can distribute it out for tests. (Long story - I enjoy Crohn's and my blood & enzyme levels enjoy to be tested often). I have be living with Crohn's for 4 years, so giving blood sample is not uncommon for me.

So today I hold 2 large vials of blood. The phlebotomist worked remarkably quick and painlessly. I notice that although she was a swift worker, she seemed to be rushing. Anyway, almost two hours later I took the heating pad off the site (left forearm) and I have a large (2"x2") purple and blue bruise where on earth she took the blood. The area be also swelled up 1/4 of an inch +. It's also firmer than normal and sore. I do tend to bruise easily due to my meds, but never to this severity.

I did an internet turn upside down and found the term "superficial thrombophlebitis." ...But the pictures of this condition do NOT look close to my arm.

It has immediately been 12 hours since I give blood, and the bruise is darker, but hasn't spread within size.


Answer:    Did she apply pressure after she was finished or did she lately bandage you up and permit you go?

A little bruising is ordinary sometimes, but it sounds like you may hold a hematoma, a build-up of blood/bruising underneath the skin.it usually comes from not applying pressure properly or long enough to be sure that you own stopped bleeding to the venipuncture site after drawing your blood.
Relax. It is not uncommon for the site of a blood draw to bruise. only just normal brusing sensitive skin extra vial . out toush aloa vera jel bruise disappear faster

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