Acne scars and pure, natural vitamin e oil?

at night i am using benzoyl peroxide which is working great ... but i still own marks from previous pimples ... i have be rubbing natural vitamin e oil on my skin (i am conversation about my face freshly to clarify) during the day. i know vitamin e is really good for your skin, so will this oblige the scars to fade? i do know about mederma, but i am so broke and i cant afford it right in a minute. and i already have the vitamin e oil.

Answer:    yes, vitamin E works wonders !
but try to put it one and only on the scars, it could also clog up your pores.
you should try to swallow vitamin E tablets also.

but you could also try bio oil, which worked wonders for me.
its more or less 10 dollars.
i am using the same thing but also try to chomp through foods that are rich in vitamin E because diet is really important and it help ur skin look natural. well don’t verbs they are not really scars at all.. Most acne results are just superficial meaning that they will a short time ago fade away with time. Benzoyl peroxide strips layer of skin away making the marks look more visible, and it also dries the skin so using that may not be within your best interest. Tea tree oil works better than benzoyl peroxide and its natural. its expensive though so you may enjoy to wait. to help fade the scar you may want wash your face beside warm salt river then rub the vitamin e oil... try it for a few days

Also stay cool and when you finish your benzoyl peroxide and vitamin e oil buy tea tree and jojoba oil online they work muc better....
It probably can't hurt but doubt it will aid, depending on the typing of scarring. Pitted scars are resultant from, not only sabotage to the skin, but the tissue beneath the skin; thus, topical creams and ointments would not really work. Mild acne scarring will improve over time.

To date, the ony truly forceful methods I know of for severe acne scarring are chemical peel , dermabrasion, laser or resurfacing of scars, soft-tissue augmentation, intralesional steroid injection (keloids) or excisional surgery .

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