Allergic Reaction to Gin?

I have recently acquired a allergic hypersensitivity to Gin. I have drank it before with no sensitivity. Just recently, when I would add just rather bit ( I mean maybe two cap fulls) to OJ or some sort of liquid, my face would get really hot around my eyes and turn red and swell. This would happen inside seconds of my first drink. I can only assume this is because it was obsessed in my mouth or nasal passage and traveled. Does anyone know why this would just develop now and what is causing it? I have hear juniper berry's on other sites but still not sure why just now... Any answers would be great. You can also email me directly at duckdodgers2350(a)
Answers:    many empire are allergic to wines and get the flushing, with a range of other symptoms-- the more you drink the worse it will be also may take action to some types of wines but not seriously to others. some folks can't drink fermented beverages-- beers, wines because of allergies, but they are fine with distilled liquors (hard liquor). the wine allergies can develop later surrounded by life due to genetics or lifestyle, age or other factors. i'd stop drinking wines and stick to 1 or 2 mixed drinks (meaning solely one type of liquor used, with one mixer, and ice) and avoid brightly colored party wapatoowee that you have no conception what it contains. the flushing is one of the mildest symptoms of the allergy and it gets more unpleasant. . Source(s): BB

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Yeah sounds like you could be allergic to juniper allergies can come on suddenly. Also the ingredients varies considerably between the different brands of gin, so conceivably you tried a different type before? Sucks to be allergic to gin, it's the best! :(

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