Aloe Vera on Eczema?

I heard that aloe vera is polite for atopic dermatitis. But when I directly apply the gel (fresh from the leaf) on my skin, (face) it dries quickly and my skin feels tight. It's rather uncomfortable, and when I strech the muscles on my face - by pipe my mouth, say - it feel really, really unexpected. Is it just my skin, or is this normal?

Answer:    The best approach for Eczema is by using Elidel cream (a non-steroidal soothing approach). My 4 year-old have used this since birth periodically. If you moisturize every day at least contained by the morning and before bed, it will help also. The Elidel is expensive beside insurance ($60) a large tube, and you can imagine minus having insurance. If this is too steep of a price rance; try using pure Vitamin E oil i.e. typically designed for scarring and stretch marks. I used this all of the time after have surgery, and my scars are practically invisible. The sun will also help, but I would try the Vit. E first. Hope this helps--my relations has been in attendance.

You can use these products on your face, but you will need powder to cover the oiliness it will show. Eczema is impressively common and normal, especially during winter months. So near that being said, spring and summer will help. But during the summer, at smallest use lotion twice every day. Chlorine in pools do not minister to the skin issue..
i recommand ATOALOE...

ATOALOE is preventing skin problems caused by the harmful external environment.

1. Cures problem areas using powder of Active Aloe extract. Powder of Active Aloe extract provides an just the thing environment for skin by strengthening homeostasis and vitalizing metabolism of skin.
So it cures problem areas effectively.

2. Moisturizing and protection effect. Botanical oil containing rich ceramide, lecithin, and a fatty acid moisturizes and protects skin from the venomous external environment.

3. Effect of skin protection and aroma therapy. Containing botanical essential oil, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Clary sage, Pine, Cypress, Rosemary, Cedawood, and botanical extracts. It improve clarity and health of skin by preventing skin problems caused by the lethal external environment. Also the aroma of this product stabilizes your soul.

4. Fresh feeling of use. Silky feeling of use and freshness near no stiff. It doesn't leave unnecessary oil on your obverse..
Its normal the gel gets dried and the skin beocmes rigid. However the medicinal properties of Aloe vera are told in multi proportion and you just try it for some days and if it help you than everything is good. One this said and done is aloe vera does not harm your skin. All the best.

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