Alopicia Areata?

On wensday I started to lose my hair and i have it in mind lose my hair
so the next daytime my mom took me to the dermatoligist and he told us that it is alopicia areata wich basicaly means hair loss of an nouns the doc said it was cause by stress. but i be wondering if any one else had gone through this and if they know what caused theres and what they did to dwindle stressed

Answer:    This is true. It happened to me 3 months after my mother died.
Usually it is caused by excessive stress 3 months formerly you start losing your hair.
So, what traumatic occurrence happen to you 3 months ago, if anything?
But don't worry, your hair will grow put money on. Mine did, even thicker than it was before.
In the meantime, you could try Rogane. But it really didn't aid me much.
Like I said, it WILL grow back, sweetie.
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And try to find one that looks as much like your natural spine as you can.
Many wigs look very inborn these days and you can get it styled in recent times like your real coat, too..
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