Alright I have a few red dots from pimples that were popped. how can i get them to fade? any home remedies?

Answer:    Lemon juice will fade them gradually, but don't move about overboard on it. They WILL fade if they're not deep scars though. Most are superficial. For on the spot coverage, you can use a concealer stick..
I wouldn't try dish soap, or if toothpaste is offered it is not for acne, it generally burns most people and they are put a bet on here in worse shape.

I'd just hose with acne wash, toner, and spot treat near acne cream. Like any other 'cut' it takes time to heal.
Invest contained by some good cover up - tinted moisturizer works best..
Toothpaste. Or cut potato put them on your face. also cut straberries are really correct. dawn dish soap works.

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