Alright...i have a serious question...please answer (HELP!)?

so if any of u have read any of my other question, u will kno that i had a bf...i lost my virginity 2 him 2 & i thought i loved him, but recently he cheated on me (a week ago) so i broke it past its sell-by date w. him. anyways, he told me that he had only have sex w. me & his xgf jackie. But the girl that he cheated on me w., he is now datin her, & she made him write down a list of adjectives the ppl that he had sex w. & it ended up takin up bein 7 lines long completely full on a sheet of typical notebook paper...& that is so gross. cuz he's the singular person ive had sex w. & he have 2 have had sex w. close to 30 or more girls, right?! so...honestly idk who he could have had sex w. & also idk if he have any std's cuz he could have been lyin bout that 2! does anyone kno where on earth i could go to get checked out for adjectives std's where they dont charge anything? cuz i just wana form sure & be safe that i didnt get anythin from him, im 15 yrs matured & my mom doesnt kno that ive had sex b4. im guna have my best friend help yourself to me...

Answer:    OMG. LEAVE THIS DUDE.. don't even consider of being with this guy.. sweetheart, you are childlike and don't play with sex if you are not going to be responsible.. You got to draw from tested along with your partner so you won't even be wasting your time writing posts like this. Go to your nearest planned maternity, get tested for most STDS/STI's and don't you forget about HIV carrying out tests, if you are going to continue with sex, other wear condoms (although they don't fully protect, but they can help) and leave that guy alone...
Try the local health department seize your self checked out by a doctor and make sure you don't have any STD's. Maybe if you phone up a hospital and ask them for help in finding free conducting tests they could tell you where to step, they might even do it there. Just make sure you do it. It sounds similar to planned parent hood would be your best bet. The do more than abotions nowadays. They also will give free counciling for birth control and how to use a condom and set you up for a few months. You can find the closest one to you online. Just google planned motherhood. Hope that helps..
planned parenthood..they charge a moment or two but not much. only what you can afford. It would be worth it! Well where I live, we own a FREE STD clinic. Just search the web for STD clinics contained by your area.
Hope all comes out gloomy for you!.
sorry to hear! isnt a good feeling but a genuineness call - to use extra precautions even though you might think you trust someone. you can move about to a VCT clinic (voluntary testing and counselling clinic) for a HIV test, they usually do it free of charge. i'm not comparatively sure if they test the spectrum of std's. your local family planning clinic should provide that free of charge or for a minimum charge. even though you are too young to engage surrounded by sexual activity i will give it to you that you show great responsibiliy for going for trialling! good luck hun! good condition!

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