Alternative medication for thyroid disease?

after i gave birth, i have gained 6stones in one year! after relentless tests it showed i had thyroid disease. (underactive)
they are still getting my medication level rite, at the moment i am on 125mg a day, but it is making no difference at all. i am constantly tired, i hold no energy. is there anything else i can try. its discouraging enough putting on so much weight, but anyone so lathargic is awful, especially wen i am trying to raise a child.
please advise. is thyroxine the one and only treatment?

Answer:    Also you may want to get another doctors opinion, My son and sister both have major issues(different doctors)with getting levels right,Took her almost 2 years next to all the same symptoms as you, She go to another Dr and with consultation with her first Dr they finally adjectives got it right, Dont be discouraged,keep looking for the right level and ask many questions..
no they spawn several try senthroid. check with the doctor for some people different side affects occur

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