Alternative treatments for psoriasis?

I have psoriasis,It flared up month's ago,and here is no sign of it abating.Anybody else suffer with it?

As a child I have bad psoriasis for years on my scalp and zilch helped. I have to use oily creams and be so embarrassed at college. Then my dermatologist told me to use my morning urine, which is sterile and soak a cotton pad near it and apply it to my scalp. Well, it healed and I haven't have any more problems. I realize most people travel "Yuck", but hey, it worked for me. During the second world war, soldiers used their urine to clear up blisters and sores on their foot. The smell evaporates quickly and you don't own to tell anyone almost it.
my sister suffers from it and she as found when she uses the sunbeds it clears up.
I have it within my head and its awful. I use coal tarmacadam and it works for about a week after flares back up. There is nought really. It is caused by nerves!
book to dance onto a sunbed.... it works ... we tried creams and potions of all descriptions not no avail..

sun bed therapu works very well

good luck
For 40 years.Most of the remedies treat the symptoms not the disease and contain steroids.
I find pious old-fashioned sunlight really help - always much smaller amount pronounced in the summer.
sunbeds is the palpable treatment but is only a short possession solution, i follow a diet that has worked powerfully and basically find that takin respectively day as it comes and not worrying almost things helps. I enjoy a friend with it who of late refuses to treat it when it flares up and wont recognise that its within, who basically say that believing that its none existent works for her! i've tried this and it does work and has cleared up oodles times, so hope you have it contained by you to try this! let me know!
Ultraviolet Light Treatment
Sunlight is an significant treatment for psoriasis. Phototherapy (artificial ultraviolet light) may be indicated for resistant psoriasis. According the Natural Product centre these are the alternative treatment for psoriasis... not sure if it works.
Psoriasis Treatments include:
1) Dead Sea Salts This traditional treatment to curative naturally have been used within the Middle East for thousands of years. We have a 6 week program designed to use surrounded by your home.

2) "Psoriasis Spot Free in 30 Days", A special diet book written by a former sufferer of the itching and flaking skin condition. The author is a registered nurse who used food to reverse the signs and symptoms of her condition.

3) Homeopathic treatment that help to target the source of the problem with no hurtful side effects.

4) Herbal extractions like Oregon Grape Root Extract and Herbal Detox Tea combinations that thoughtfully cleanse your body of toxins and help optimize your liver function. Herbs enjoy historically been used for treatment of skin conditions.

5) Gentle herbal scalp creams and shampoos that contain FDA approved ingredients to combine disposition with science.

6) Dietary supplements to upgrade your defense systems, Omega Fortified Flax (recommended for children and adults) and Alkyrol Shark Liver Oil for maximum Omega 3 fatty acids.

All the best.
I've had it for more years than I perfectionism to remember and I'm sure I've tried every treatment there is for it, none of it worked.
But the sun seem to help, it's other much better in the summer months.
A friend of mine suffered disappointingly with it and go twice a year to the Dead sea which he found intensely affective. To avoid the expense and inconvenience Dead sea salt are available from chemists and/or health shops. Though probably it was also the sun while he be there!
I hold had psoriasis for roughly 23 years(half my life), and havetried everything available, as far as I know.
I recently have a course of light psychiatric therapy at the hospital,but this only cleared it up temporarily.
Sorry I couldn't assistance
Check out this site They have some products that find good reviews. Tanning is supposed to minister to too.
Psoriasis to 60% of body, psoriatic arthritis as well, today l am twinge / ache free and no psoriasis.

Remove the Cause of Your Psoriasis Symptoms - You cannot move your genes but you can change how they act in response
Your Psoriasis Itch and Rash, Psoriatic Arthritis, will stop once you understand what cause Psoriasis and follow the simple guidelines. Most processed foods, soft drinks, etc. can affect you. You have to cram to avoid the foods that affect you - It's all almost learning to munch through healthily.

I had suffered next to Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis for many years but seeing medical practitioners and naturopaths have not helped so I set out to assist myself. Removing all gluten products from my diet be the first step I took.
My health showed signs of restructuring but I was still getting psoriasis and arthritis (itch, skin reckless and joint swelling and pain).

The subsequent step was to budge on a diet that was intuitive, avoiding all processed foods ie. I ate simply meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and drank water. Only when I strictly adhere to this diet did my psoriasis clear up. It became pretty obvious that processed foods be somehow responsible.

After my psoriasis had completely cleared for several weeks I introduced foods that be processed. Soft drinks and fruit juices be added first and after each dare my psoriasis flared up again. After stopping the intake and going back on the inbred diet (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and water) my psoriasis again cleared up.

The most common additives I found surrounded by the soft drinks were citric sharp or food acid (330 food stabilizer code) and ascorbic acid (300) vitamin C. Interestingly, my psoriasis first flared up when I be taking calcium ascorbate (vitamin C) as a vitamin supplement to aid my recovery from an quirk (1986).

My next step be obvious, not wanting to be a guinea pig but need to know the answer, I stuck to natural foods until my psoriasis have cleared again Psoriasis free, I tried adding some calcium ascorbate and be covered in psoriasis surrounded by a very short time.

After repeating the clearing program and after rechallenging myself with Calcium Ascorbate Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C and Citric Acid (food acid) I begin to understand what be happening. Over the subsequent 10 years of researching and experimenting I realised that I had found another answer to my problems. Calcium Protease

It become obvious whilst on my obliteration diet that a glass of wine, soft drink, cereal, or the many other processed foods would inflict my psoriasis to flare. The only article l could find in adjectives was that they adjectives have the citric added such as food tart (330), citric acid (330), l ascorbic Acid (300), calcium ascorbate (e302), sodium l ascorbate (301). All of these are premeditated near calcium. It is also interesting to note l notice whilst on diet was that fruit similar to oranges, strawberries, could start me itching again. Especially after using 4 oranges or a punnet of strawberries in making fruit liquid.

Moderation is the key and I don`t know this is why some fruit may have affect on your psoriasis. Especially whilst you are still intake those foods with acrylamide.

Applying Gypsum to increase calcium level of soils has be practised for many years. Methods to apply calcium and sulphate sulphur to the soil offering an instant response enjoy been discreet. Growers say that calcium is needed to strengthen cell walls, increase flowering resulting within resulting in better fruit set and high yields and better shelf energy.

Talking with friends and relatives I found that masses people have psoriasis and the conventional medical treatments and drugs had not help them. Consequently I began to suggest that they try to avoid the food additives and foods which artificial my condition…

Psoriasis should be renamed Calcium Protease,

a much better descriptive word than psoriasis (itch as is). Calcium Protease is exactly what is happening.

The Trigger for psoriasis (Calcium Protease) be not known until in advance this year.(2002)

The brilliant work by two Swedish Scientists studying some workers occupied surrounded by the building of the tunnel at Hallandsasen. (Who had be exposed to high doses of Acrylamide) To put it short: Because of the similarity of the workers symptoms they settled to test other general public not exposed to tunnel incident. Upon finding Acrylamide in others arranged to test foods, Further research by matching scientists showed that Acrylamide is the trigger for psoriasis (calcium protea) and a lot more

Research Centres around the World own found that Acrylamide is formed when Glucose (natural sugar found in most foods) is heated near Asparagine (Amino Acid Asparagine also found naturally within foods)

…Those that followed my advice be very pleased. Over time it become obvious that I needed to clear the process easier to follow. Realise that if you suffer from psoriasis your AUTOIMMUNE SYSTEM IS MALFUNCTIONING
In short, if you always guzzle what is fresh, in season and if at all possible ORGANIC, your Psoriasis symptoms should be greatly reduced, and hopefully disappear, as was the satchel with my research and others.
Alternate therapy are unlikely to give you any benefit. I suggest a trip to your GP. If things are doomed to failure he may refer you to a dermatologist.
Homeopathic Treatment for Psoriasis :-
PSORINUM in 1M Potency one dose after one weeks Interval SULPHUR 1M one dose, to be carried on within the same sequence beside a weeks interval between them.
No Side Effects and No Complications, keep me posted in the order of your progress weekly if possible.

Take Care and God Bless You !

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