Always tired, get cold after meals?

Well I'm 19, am at a good counterweight and think I eat a rather healthy diet (lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, some lean meats, some carbs). However, I hold been increasingly lethargic olden times couple months, and about 30 minutes after a meal, I become ridiculously cold, which I am assuming is associated next to a drop in blood sugar. This doesnt occur every year necessarily, but often enough...

I lost some counterweight this past year (about 30 pounds since December), could this be associated with it?
or Is it possible I'm hypoglycemic, or at risk for it? my mother found out she have the condition a few years ago, but I don't know if its genetic...her symptoms are more severe than anything I experience though (she will fall asleep right after eating even the smallest piece of candy)

Are within any supplements I should take or foods I should be eating that may help out? ways of preventing becoming hypoglycemic? I already rarely eat sweets, aside from fresh fruit resembling apples and grapes.

Answer:    This site will help you
People who usually are dieting and losing weight usually enjoy this problem.You might want to see a doctor.
Fruits aren't sweets lol :)

I think you should go to your doctor and explain to him your symptons etc. so he can check you out for other conditions as well. If you think you're becoming hypoglycemic afterwards mention that too, and mention some of your family's medical conditions.

But don't just use things to prevent becoming hypoglycemic because if you don't have that, and own something else, it could be bad ;).
I agree with Bella! Especially as you own lost alot of weight and feeling tired and listless is also a symptom.. If it is diabetes you should get it diagnosed right away. If its left untreated it can enjoy long term effects, for example loss of sight eventually! So shift now go to a doctor! Good luck! Get an A1C Blood Glucose try-out. It will look at your blood sugar for the past three months.
I had hear of hypoglycemia but did not know it was a regular part of have diabetes. I have to watch my elevated and low blood sugars. And it can be controlled without drugs. But for your safety grasp a good doctor to check you out.
Weight loss, chills, thirst and fatigue are all signs..
You may extremely well have developed diabetes. Go see your doctor to capture a blood test, it needs to be diagnosed asap. Good luck

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