Alzheimer's question?

my fiancees father has alzheimer, and he is prone to anger and intimidation when he has his "bad days"..right presently he is in the beginning stages of alzheimers, and i be wondering, do these rages become worse during the moderate stage, or does the person become more mild mannered and helpless? also, how long does it take to get to the moderate stage? appreciation

Answer:    Every patient is different. Personality changes do go on. His Dad may become calmer, or his bad days may become more frequent. My husband be a Type A personality, and became extremely calm and child-like with the disease. As portion of the disease, a patient can lose the ability to control himself or to know when he's behave badly. The family can tell to his doctor about the behaviors. He might need some medication to help with discouraging behaviors.

The disease will also progress differently in every patient. We be told the average is 8 to 10 years, but some patients can live with the disease for 20 years. It tends to walk a little faster in patients diagnosed beforehand age 65, the early-onset patients. My husband was diagnosed 6-years ago in his 50s. He's presently considered to be in the severe stage based on trialling, although he's still home. I would say that he was surrounded by the early stage of the disease for 2 years, and then be in the moderate stage for about 3 years. I've be told that it may be another year or so before we get to end-stage/nursing home stage.

Your prospective father within law may be dealing with like mad of stress right now if he understands the diagnosis, so his fruitless days may come from facing the disease as opposed to the disease itself. There's a lot of facilitate out there for Alzheimers' families - check out the Alzheimer's Association, Yahoo Health board, etc. The Alzheimers' Association have a really good free publication with lots of suggestions for caregiving.

Good luck - it's a horrible disease, and your fiancee is lucky you're trying to find out more info to assistance..
my mother in law have it. the anger will get worse. on the stages, it all depends on the personality. my mother in law is getting worse by the weeks, some ancestors get worse by the months, day, years. endow with him lots of vitamins, it helps some. good luck.

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