Am diabetic patient since 7 years?

my sugar level drops fundamentally much at night time . Yesterday it was almost down to 0 .

Could anyone please impart suggestions ?

Answer:    You are suffering from severe hypoglycemia and need immediate consultation near the doctor.

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You need to guzzle some carbs at night. Eating some peanut butter crackers (graham crackers) is a good undisruptive snack for before bedtime. Don't eat sugary things, it will put on a pedestal your blood sugar and then let it drop with alacrity. Carbs will raise the sugar level and hold it stable for a longer period of time. You should also see your doctor to see if your meds need to be in the swing of things. At bedtime choose a snack w/ protein in it: PB crackers, milk, etc. If you're on a pump you'll need to adjust your basal, if taking injections you might requirement to adjust your lantus/NPH. But don't seek insulin advice here, call upon your endo. Do it soon, you could be having seizures during the dark. Check your sugar again in the middle of the night to variety sure you have the problem licked..
drink peanutbutter (unless ur allergic to it)
that's wat i have to do. it has plenty carbs to last the night
and if u stay up subsequently then usual, eat alittle more.
Set an alarm clock to wake up you up around 2am and check it and eat some carbs at that time. See your doctor about adjust your insulin or whatever medication you are on. Make sure your evening meal is highly developed in sugar and that you have a snack beforehand you go to bed but your best bet is to SEE YOUR DOCTOR!.
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