Am i allergic to plasters?

i cut myself badly when shaving my legs so i stuck a plaster over it. i hold put some germaline on it (which i use regually) and i have had to thieve the plaster off because it is itching i now own small red blisters where the plaster was. am i allergic? i know i am allergic to sergical cartridge but i have never had a problem next to waterproof plasters before. (sorry for the poor spelling)

Answer:    If the blisters coincide next to the outline of the plaster, you have identified the problem. The reaction could be allergic, but it sounds more approaching irritation (irritant contact dermatitis) rather than allergic contact dermatitis. The distinction probably doesn't matter. Since its probably cause by something in the adhesive, throw out the plaster and try a different brand. If it happen again, it looks like you won't be able to use this type of product anymore.

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