Am I allergic to the cold?

Whenever I go within cold water at the pool/beach I get a unwary and when I'm outside and it's cold I get red skin and it stings. I'm fione when I'm warm anmd not cold and I'm contained by heat.

Pretty sure it's "Cold Urticaria"
But my question is:

"Am I allergic to the cold"?

Answer:    No. Your problem is a scarcity of moisture. When it is cold, the moisture in the air doesn't stay within the air, it falls to the ground in the form of snow, so cold nouns is dry air.

I have allergies. If you appreciate allergies a little bit better, you'll come to understand that allergies are chemical reaction to substances. You react because of your specific body chemistry.

Temperature is really just a manoeuvre of how fast molecues are moving around, hitting each other, transferring dash (the heat). The molecues do not change simply because of a change within temperature - thus no additional chemical aversion..
i have this.
but its hot instead of cold.

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