Am i allergic to the sun?

Nearly every time i go from an nouns of deep shade or dark such as a muddy room into the sunlight i get a fit of sneezes even if i just budge from a dark room to a really light room it happen, it aint hayfeavr because it happens in winter and as i said inside surrounded by really brightly lit rooms

Answer:    No, it's the change of light sensitivity, happen to a lot of people, which is why when you own a sneeze on the way, you look up and try not to let it be in motion

Sneezing provoked by sudden exposure to intensely bright light is known as the photic sneeze reflex. It is not uncommon--about one surrounded by ten people are photic sneezers. Some studies suggest it may be due to an accidental crossing of guts signals involved in normal sneezing and pupil dilation. But the photic sneeze reflex occur only after someone has be adapted to the dark for at least five minutes. Even photic sneezers' pupils will adjust customarily (without triggering a sneeze) if they go in and out of bright oil lamp for short periods of time, so the real mystery is why an extended time of darkness makes a difference. The reflex is not troublesome for most society (a notable exception are fighter pilots), but it is of considerable interest to scientists. Studying the photic sneeze reflex is imagined to improve our understanding of sensory pathway in the nervous system, as very well as the circuitry of the sneezing reflex..
No, with sun allergy you get rash and a mottling of the skin that's really unpleasant to look at, it's probably sensitivity to light. I'm like that too. I believe it is because our bodies thaw up, so the mucus gets all runny. So our body tell us to sneeze so it doesn't clog up. =].
Danny D is right. A true sun allergy usually causes a rash.

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