Am i at risk for developing toxoplasmosis?

i own a cat and volunteer at a cat shelter on the weekends. at the cat shelter, we sometimes wash dirty cat litter boxes and disinfect them. we dont wear gloves. after doing this, i dry-clean my hands really, really well and use lots of paw sanitizer. will this kill any toxoplasmosis that may be present? do all cats hold toxoplasma in their feces at all times? my cat is an indoor it possible that he may transport the toxoplasma in his feces?

and i hear that the sypmtoms could become severe or resurface when the immune system is suppressed, like next to AIDS or HIV. what about in infirm age, when the immune system is not its best?

Answer:    Not all cats carry it surrounded by their feces, but many do (even indoor cats -cuz when they do go outside, or if around other cats or share a litter box.
This disease usually have no effect on someone unless they are. immunocomprimised (like HIV/ AIDS or on immunity repressive drugs) or if you are pregnant, because it can harm the fetus.
If you aren't any of these, afterwards most likely, you will be fine..
Honey, aren't there veterinarians at your shelter?
Ask THEM these question...they know a LOT better than we do!

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