Am i at risk for diabetes?

i'm 24 year old asian american...5'11 153 lbs.....for the recent past couple of weeks i've been feeling fatigued throughout the daylight even though i've been getting alot of sleep...i also feel resembling i need to drink alot of water, which lead me to think that these symptoms might be i went to my doctor and explained this to him, so he give me a thyroid, liver, and a complete blood count test which all come up normal other than small red blood cell...but he didn't give me a blood test for diabetes, so I'm guessing that the symptoms are related to something else...Also, i'm not aware of my grandparents medical history, but i do know that my mom and dad dont hold it....any info

Answer:    You require a blood test to exclude Diabetes mellitus. You may go for a hit or miss sugar test and a complete GTT, on your doctors advice..
Here are some of the symptoms:

1. Loosing freight suddenly.
2. Frequent urination.
3. Always very thirsty.
4. Dire need to chomp through, always hungry.
5. Blurred vision.
6. Itching of the skin.
7. Numbness contained by extremities (arms & lags).
8. Slow healing of wounds.
9. Vaginal yeast infection.
10. Fatigue.
11. Irritability and changes contained by ones mood.

These are only indicative and not conclusive. Sometimes diabetes can be without symptoms also. You will be said to enjoy diabetes if you sugar level remains high customarily. There are many free kits available that can abet you figure out whether you have diabetes or not. Don't budge by symptoms alone, use the free kits to make sure.

To procure free diabetes meter and more info click the link below (for US residents only):.
Without testing not a soul can say for sure if you are at risk for diabetes or not. Did your doctor perform and HBa1C oral exam? This is the test that can tell what your blood glucose level have been over a 3 month extent. If he hasn't done one of these, you can have him do one. I believe they sell these test over-the -counter at some stores but I don't know how accurate they truly are. You will only know if you have a fast blood sugar test. This is very esteemed. You have the classic symptoms.... Not knowing your family medical history is adjectives the more e reason to be tested. insist on the test!!.
You should dance back to your doctor and have him/her directive the is very meaningful that you find out. Don't stop until you get a satisfying answer.

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