Am I hearing impaired/deaf?

I have a impressively, very loud voice and I don't know how loud I am when I'm talking, I merely think I'm talking at average volume. I can hear most things, but I'm always asking people to repeat things oodles times. I'm not sure because I haven't seen a doctor yet but it could be cause by my persistent sinusitis
Could I be partially deaf or audible range impaired in any bearing?
*I'm 13

Answer:    i'd say you're fine. i have a loud voice too and sometimes culture just slur their speech. you may find it strange that you ask people to repeat entity because when you talk to them, it's rare (as you are loud adequate for them).
Ask your family to help you out next to that-
not only that but see a doctor.

Heres a website that will help you!

Browse around-
it will relief you most definatley..
i have to same problem it depends on the tone of voice for me i hear high pitch and wierdly ample low tones but not so well when people parley in normal tones You stipulation to see an audiologist for a hearing test if you want to find out if you hold hearing loss..
Maybe, but you need a audible range test to be sure. Just a second let me turn my volume up i can't hear you..
See a doctor. Maybe approaching 98% perfect hearing.
Maybe... I'd enunciate that you should go see a doctor about it^^ What?.
what? what?

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