Am i contages STILL?

I have have the Chicken Pox (mild case) for 7 days now...Am i still contages?

Answer:    Yes/bio hazard.
until they scab over you are
Chickenpox is a importantly contagious illness caused by primary infection beside varicella zoster virus (VZV). It generally begins near conjunctival and catarrhal symptoms and then characteristic spots appearing contained by two or three waves, mainly on the body and boss rather than the hands and becoming itchy untreated pockmarks, small open sores which heal mostly short scarring.

Chickenpox has a 10-21 day incubation length and is spread easily through aerosolized droplets from the nasopharynx of ill individuals or through direct contact beside secretions from the rash. Following primary infection at hand is usually lifelong protective immunity from further episodes of chickenpox.

Chickenpox is rarely brutal, although it is generally more severe in adults than within children. Pregnant women and those with a suppressed immune system are at highest risk of serious complications. The most adjectives late complication of chicken pox is shingles, caused by reactivation of the varicella zoster virus decades after the initial episode of chickenpox.

attain well soon

yeah your still contagious until they scab over. hold they? your supposed to wait three days after the scab, and then jump to a privite (you more likley yo spread if its public) and then they will tell you your okay and they volia!

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