Am i diabetic?

I have symptoms such as the frequent call for to urinate, thirst, yeast infection, sweet smelling urine, fatigue, weakness when I haven't eaten, increased appetite.. the single thing I don't have is the consignment loss, my weight is stable even with my increased appetite. I'm one and only 17...not quite 18... for a few more months. sometimes I vomit a little within my mouth, or it feels like its surrounded by my throat.

Answer:    Aha, you didn't mention these other symptoms in your earlier examine.

Based on what you're now saying, you do give the impression of being to be showing a number of the symptoms commensurate with diabetes.

If you really are showing adjectives of those symptoms, my advice would be for you to make an appointment to see your doctor ... and the sooner the better. If it does turn out that you are diabetic, it's considerable that you start treatment as soon as you can. I've no wish to frighten you, but without treatment there's an increased haphazard that complications can start. Believe me, I have multiple complications, and you do NOT want them.

I apologise if you felt that my previously response was negating how you were premonition, but when you only mentioned vomiting a little surrounded by your mouth I didn't feel that that would be indicative, by itself, of diabetes.

You don't mention your weight, though you do influence that it is stable. Please forgive me but that could be an important factor. Obviously, if you do do the right thing and progress to see your doctor, s/he will know what your average weight is and may well know how to tell whether you've lost any or not.

Do us both a big favour, dear woman, and make sure that you telephone for an appointment on Monday morning, unless, unsurprisingly, you feel really ill back then. Then you must go to hospital and update them that you suspect diabetes. They will, undoubtedly, test your blood to see what your sugar (glucose) level is. Whatever the result might be, you will still call for to have a fasting blood sugar tryout done to either confirm or refute whether or not you are diabetic.

The sense I say do us both a big favour is that I would similar to for you to send me an email and let me know how you get on. I am genuinely interested, and wish lone the best for you.

Take care, dear lady, and be resourcefully..
You have enough symptoms to consider a physical next to blood tests. The HbA1C test will confer you the blood glucose levels for the last 90 days. It's better to know and originate proper treatment.

Best Wishes..
You very well could be, if you enjoy that many symptoms it would be a real right idea to see a medical professional. yes please ask your doctor dont waight i waighted 3months before i did and i return with really sick.
ask your doc ASAP! there is a really good destiny you have it... or u could just be unexpected

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