Am i going to die?

over the summer, me and my friend found a piece of cardboard shaped like a cigar. nought was in it. we be idiots. we smoked it. i inhaled it. also last year in october of 2006 outside they be burning stuff like tar. i inhaled it (not conscious this time). please, i have ocd. help me. is this worst than smoking cigs? please don't dispense me that crap "yes, everyone dies" it was 2 puffs. is it gonna do anything? how can it be worst than cigs or cigars tho?

Answer:    If you're OCD, you should be seeing a doctor for it, and you should ask your doctor. We're not doctors. We don't know the answer.
No you are not going to die from inhaling smoke. Even if it was really bad stuff. The lungs main purpose besides keeping us alive is to filter out the crappy stuff. You know the crap you cough up when you are sick- well that's the unwanted items being cleaned out of your lungs. No it's not worse than smoking cigerettes- Bad yes- just different. You won't enjoy any lingering effects from just a touch smoke.
For your own peace of mind and your health- Try not to smoke anything you just "find" again. If you want to really get "high" try running. Running cause you to release endorphines into the blood stream giving you a natural high- a feeling of ably being. Quit worrying so much- take comfort.
(Stress releases a cortisol hormone which is not good for you- relax more.).
Well it was a pretty stupid entry to do, and yes it is worse than cigs or cigars, because those things have to pass regulations, the subjective stuff you smoked, did not. However, if you haven't had any strange symptoms at this point you should be find, unless you have respiratory troubles down the strip, but that will come anyway from smoking anything. Bad: You might have AIDS and you will die in several months.

Good: Try to quit smoking so you can forget going on for it. Try taking Tylenol or some other medicine. Don't ever try this again. If you see or touch anything that looks like cigarettes, throw it away please, but don't tolerate it cause a fire..
Um... no. How could that possibly kill you? It take smokers years and years of smoking (or non-smokers years and years of intense second-hand smoke) to develop lung cancer or emphysema.

Look at pictures of the smog in LA. People *live* surrounded by that and most of them are surviving. You had two puffs of random burning things. Honestly, at this point your body probably doesn't even remember..
nope. you are fine if it have been this long my friend and 2 puffs? you have nought to worry about. OCD will not gross anything worse either besides being passionate compulsive that is. ;) Stop worrying! You are gonna be okay. I don't think you own anything to worry about, cardboard is basically thick paper, kindly of like what a cig is made with to set off with but its thick. You'll be fine..
yes u will die approaching all of us

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