Am i going to die?

Am i going to die?
Am i going to die?
over the summer, me and my friend found a piece of cardboard shaped like a cigar. nought was in it. we be idiots. we smoked it. i inhaled it. also last year in october of 2006 outside they be burning stuff like tar. i inhaled it (not purposeful this time). please, i have ocd. help me. is this worst than smoking cigs? please don't administer me that crap "yes, everyone dies" it was 2 puffs. is it gonna do anything? how can it be worst than cigs or cigars tho?

Answer:    anytime you inhale something in your system you risk dying..
If you're not sick in a minute then don't worry, you would enjoy gotten sick right away. Inhaling things (specially the cardboard, that was your own decision) is not a good belief, but chances are slim that you will be harmed if it hasn't happened already. surrounded by time in time.
just dont do it again, you'll be fine yes you will die eventually. as will everyone on floor

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