Am i going to die from asbestos?

I was at this knees-up in a warehouse in the older downtown and there was adjectives this white stuff way up on the ceiling. i think the underpinning from the music was making the stuff come off the ceiling.

Answer:    The probability are slim. Generally you have to inhale a lot over a long length of time, not just 1 night..
That guy is stupid!
They're is a common sense piss goes out of you, duh because it doesn't belong in you!
Have you ever drank your own piss up to that time?
I guess if you can't find an antibiotic, just piss in a cup & bottoms up?!
Just stir to the emergency room.
You'll know right away if you have been exposed to asbestos.
OMG! what the hell where on earth you thinking?! I hope you have seen a doctor surrounded by the past 24 hours or the consequences can be fatal. IF you enjoy not seen one try drinking your own urine. Your urine will cancel out any impossible viruses that got into your system it will verbs you out good. I'm afraid so ... but try omar s cure . I think he's right .

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