Am I going to have high blood pressure sooner rather than later?

It's in my own flesh and blood but most of us don't get it until age 45. Two doctor visits ago my bp be 110/80 and today it was 120/70.
Isn't this borderline high? I'm surrounded by my early twenties, I don't smoke (or drink much), I don't eat *any* junkfood and am gossamer. *sighs*

What should I do? The only reason I found out just about the bp was because I'm in my first trimester of pregnancy and hold been going to the doctor every four weeks or so.

Answer:    No Prehypertension is 140/90. "Normal" is about 120/80. Since you own a newbie on the way, I say thats a obedient BP reading. Limit your sodium intake. Do every thing the Dr ask you do to have a joyful baby. Since the Dr is watching your health every 4 wks, You will be fine. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Juices that don't enjoy high frutose corn syrup. Don't worry..
You're beneath the care of your doctor and that is great. He/she will monitor your BP at respectively visit and advise you if it is a concern.

As far as your long occupancy concern, here is a link to a site all in the region of heart disease (BP being a major portion of that).

Take your time and explore the site. You should find lots of useful information about well-mannered lifestyle choices including diet, exercise, blood pressure, stress, cholesterol, and so on.

Best wishes to you and your baby!

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