Am I having an allergic reaction to the kitchen cleaner 409? Have you? Please let me know!?

Thursday April 10, 2008 I had this heat up red thing on the side of my cheek and neck. By Monday, this "acne-like" impetuous traversed to my forehead and left side of my face and collar. I thought it was a bad reckless and I went to three different doctors, who 2/3 said it was acne. I've have acne before, but it was NEVER this severe. At most, as an full-grown, I would get two or three pimples at a time. I realized that the solely thing that has changed is that we own been using 409 at work. I know that everyone around me was disinfecting their desk next to 409 right before my skin irritation started. Then on Saturday, I rewiped my entire desk with 409 kitchen cleaner, and next my chest and my arms and legs (and excuse me) my behind started developping more of a reaction. I go to Urgent Care yesterday and they stopped my "minocycline" medication and recommended benadryl and another prescription steroid. Any one else suffering from 409 allergies? we used the 409 antibacterial kitchen all purpose cleaner.

Answer:    Will it sure sounds like you are have a reaction, try using Murray soap it work better and any one with allergies can use

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