Am i right to worry? I have found out my husands grandad is ill.?

That was a few days ago, we saw him to afternoon and he said he had 3rd stage kidney failure and have had two growths removed from his bladder. The first growth was removed next to no worries but he second has lead to him him have blood in his urine, quite a bit! they put surrounded by a cathita hes on home carewith a nurse coming in every few days. Tommorrow shes checking the amount of blood in the cathita, I saw it today and in attendance is quite a bit.
My question is am I over react worrying about him, hes my husbands grandad I never had one but consistency very close to him. Speaking to him today I think he think this is it hes on his way out. My husband however is completely normal and hasnt even react!!
Sorry to ask but I have no one close or anyone I know who's have cancer or kidney failure! I dont mind the truth but please be honesth

Answer:    Well, as you know, the old guy is seriously ill, and yes, he might pass away slightly soon. Ask the nurse what she thinks - she's the expert.
Meanwhile, spend as much time as you can with him, reach a deal to him, share memories, don't be afraid to laugh & cry with him.
If he requirements to talk about dying, consent to him talk. Say how much you'll miss him, say thank you for person your grandad.
There's always hope that he'll recover - these old'uns can be really tough - and you shouldn't lose that.
Hope for the best but be in place for the worst -
all good thoughts & wishes..
Of course you're right to verbs - worrying's a natural thing, if you protection about someone and they're ill, you verbs about them. Your husband obviously view it differently to you - maybe he feels he's not so close to him and it in consequence doesn't affect him so much, or perhaps he has actual faith in the certainty he will get better.
Good luck to him I hope he's better soon :) It sounds like he is extraordinarily ill, and if the old man is acting approaching he is on his last legs, it could be so.
I bet your husband is in denial roughly speaking this, nobody wants to watch a loved one become poorly, suffer and die, but it does come to us all, I guess your husband is finding it tough on how to deal beside this. Talk to him..
yes, worry away....

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