Am I wrong to be concerned?....I accidentally tasted a bums drink?

I was offered a sip of someone's drink. (Stupid I know...) This be about 2.5-3 days ago. Now my throat is bothering me. I was researching and the incubation periods(time from when you are infected near something until symptoms show or whatever) is usually longer than the time that has passed. Could I still have something ....If so what....I'm worried just about the uncurable diseases?...HIV, Hep C, .....etc..Why is my throat hurting.....Am I overreacting? I know for a fact that I am not completely overreacting because I just consistency funny. What should I do....I want to go to the physician tomorrow. Since my throat is hurting would'nt they be able to describe me something? I want to know what I should be really concerned about.

I only took one swallow and later after I gotta better look at the perp I decided not to swallow anymore of my spit for the rest of the night....Be honest

It feel like a cold coming on but I don't know.....COULD IT BE AIDS OR SOMETHING??

Answer:    Are you sure that you're giving us the full story?
Are you sure that the drink was adjectives you had in your mouth?
Are you sure that you weren't within the John when this occured?.
Is this some kind of joke?
You can't take into custody AIDS from sipping a drink.
You can catch a cold if you put your mouth where someone elses mouth have been, who happens to hold a cold.

Maybe it's just a coincidence you feel bad at the same time, especially as you don't just obtain a bit of a sore throat and sniffles from AIDS 3 days ago.

You're definately overreacting..
<Chuckling & snikering> Only if the bum's a known A.I.D.S patient..... But to be on the not dangerous side.., just go to the Doc. and acquire a diagnostic.. then again it can be "Mono" (i.e short for mononucleosis, the most "catchable" disease out there) I am guessing that unless that drink was occupied with fresh bodily fluids that it can not be aids. Go to the doc, they may run a strep culture. and you really need to swot up more about diseases..
LOL, well u kno that be a stupid thing to do!! ur best bet is to go to the doctor and if u cant loaf go to the emergency and make sure u report them wat u did!! To to a clinic get a tb test and a hep theory test

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