Ambien, Have others been on this for a long time and what have been your experiences?

I have be on ambien for 5+ years, and see my doctor ever month to be evaluated. My insomnia is so bad, that I just will never win to sleep. But, I hate having to depend on a sleeping medication. If it doesn't enjoy the effect, I call my doc and he give me something totally differen.

I don't appropriate it to get high or escape my problems---just to capture to sleep. I always take the exact dosage. But, a friend told me that I be an addict for taking this everynight and should be in rehab? Sounded nutty. I work 40 hours a week---travel 600 miles a week, homeowner, fashion good money.

I just get bogged down with NEEDING a medication make me touch tired at night. What has be others dealings?

Answer:    I've done well next to ambien (zolpidem) for 10 years. I didn't like ambien CR (stayed in my system too long). Prior to ambien, I used other things for sleep - see my roll at My sleep disorder started when I was 16 - my story is at - I am now 56. My strength was failing from lack of sleep, so I am grateful for a med that help me get my zzz's. I have struggled so long and not easy with this debiliating problem. My doc writes a 6 month prescription. If ambien isn't working well for you anymore, check my schedule. (A current list of things I'm using is at ) Without sleep it's almost impossible to function, which means it affects our fitness to earn a living too, not to mention relationships, etc..
I was on Ambien for 3 years and suffered short term memory loss. I switch to 2.5mg of generic valium near generic Benadryl and found it work as well and only cost me in the order of 75 cents a day.

Hope this helps you. I did give a hand me.

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