Anal Diseases?

If two STD-free guys engage surrounded by sexual activities, what diseases can be contracted? If you could, I'd love to know what can be caught from anal, oral, and rimming.

See, when I fall within love with a man, most likely when I marry him, I will logically want to be sexual with him...but I worry roughly speaking all these diseases, even if we're both totally clean. I hear fecal concern can be infectious, and rimming can make you catch something...what is it I will enjoy to worry about? Can vaccines prevent/treat/cure any of them?

Assume both guys are verbs when you answer please. I am curious as to what can be caught when two clean guys do sexual activities. Please answer! :-)

Answer:    Two verbs people cannot create a disease by engaging contained by a sex act. One would have to hold a disease first, even if it was an intestinal infection, that could be transmitted anal-orally to the digestive tract of the other person. If you are lucky plenty to find someone who has not been promiscuous, next you are pretty safe!
Unfortunately, viral STDs can be tested for, but vaccination is another article. Only 4 strains of HPV are in the Gardasil vaccine, and it is not legal to pass it to males, even though it should work fine. Clinical trials on males have to happen first. Cure for viral STD's is a honestly long way off, undesirably..
hepatitis .the rectum is an exit,not an entrance. colon cancer..hemorrhoids.tearing of the rectal lining.anal bleeding.obstacle of the intestines.

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