Anal wart removal?

im getting a few anal warts frozen sour next week and im extremely nervous roughly the pain i will be in, can someone notify me what to expect? will i get any pain killer?

[p.s. these warts are the consequence of molestation when i was 6 that have been taken care of ]

Answer:    Sorry to hear in the order of you being molested..that must have be hard. As for the pain medication, ask beforehand if it is needed..
I appoligize for your condition, but your Doctor will most likely prescribe you a pain med for this to hold the discomfort down. Not too sure about the pain though, I enjoy had standard warts frozen past its sell-by date and it feels like a burning sensaion and after frostbite but it goes away. Good luck and God Bless. I don't think so u will get any pain, coz it's very brisk and easy to do...

don't worry, and goog lock

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