Anatomy and Physiology Help PLEASE! due tomorrow...?

1. What % of people who develop urinary tract infection will develop a second infection within twelve months?

2. Which common product is a significant cause of infection contained by women?

3. What % of the 2 million nephrons contains within the 2 kidneys must be effectively destroyed by before you will see evidence on chemical carrying out tests of renal insufficiently.

4. The urethra in the male is located in the outlet of the meatal orifice which is found at the tip of the penis. There are 2 abnormalities of this finding. Name then DESCRIBE the location of the urethra first.

Answer:    1. don't know
2. bubble baths
3. signs and symptoms develop at 10% efficiency... long time to go....
4. don't figure out the "abnormalities" other than sperm also travels through the same tube..
i pinch anatomy and physiology.
1,2,3 are simple type the question into google and look it up if your having trouble.

4. this should be contained by your text book. where it talkes almost reproduction and that sort of stuff. if it has a diagram then it will sticky label it. and you can look it up in a reference..
I'd jump yeast for number 2!

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