Ance scar- help?

i have ance deformity along my jawline and theyre terriable. i hate them and theyre red and always within. is there any way to bring rid of them?

Answer:    I've had bad acne for years. One entry that kept it from making scars was apricot scrub. It rubs rotten all the dead skin (so your pores don't bring back clogged), and it gently smooths out your skin over time. I follow with a grapeseed extract skin from walgreens (only a few bucks), and that literally lifts all the stuff out of your pores, and tightens them. I move about through this about 3 times a week, and it works like a dream. It's fundamentally also very cost effective. Good for sensitive skin too..
i use st. ives body exfoliating apricot shower valet and face scrub. you can try medrema too. it helps alot lemon liquid best effect :)

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